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Why Dog Massage

If your pet dog is showing signs of losing their zest through simply getting old then a dog massage will help with stiffness remember that age does not come alone.

If your pet is a rescue that has come into your care with emotional issues such as avoidance of touching or grooming then although difficult a round of consultations would go some way to making your dog agreeable to a rub or two and might even cure it entirely.

Performance dogs can benefit enormously from canine massage especially those on the agility circuit. If your dog is slow, knocks poles, struggles with weave entry or indeed measures before a jump then there could be an underlying problem which could be resolved with a simple massage. Those that show dogs may have dogs that have gait problems or a dog that fails to hold that all important show pose which can frustrate the handler again massage will help.

Here are a few other things you may observe in your dog that mean they will benefit from a Therapeutic Canine / Dog Massage

  • Lameness /Limping
  • Struggling with the stairs
  • Stiff when rising
  • Not wanting to go on walks / having to cut walks short
  • Pain response when being touched
  • Reluctant to be touched
  • Suffering from stress and or anxiety
  • Slowing down on walks
  • Gait changes – winging, paddling, roaching back
  • Difficulty getting in or out of the car
  • Back / neck / shoulder pain
  • Coat changes – flicking up
  • Performance issues – pole knocking, weave entries, measuring at jumps, send aways etc..
  • Suffering from orthopaedic conditions such as osteoarthritis, hip/elbow displaysia
  • Recovering from recent surgery
  • Or becoming old before their time

The message is that if you have a dog that you love and it is not doing or performing as it has in the past then show it some love and get it a massage you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, all are catered for from much loved pets right through to crufts champions and beyond.

Ezri having a dog massage

As a member of the Canine Massage Guild you can rest assured that only best practices are employed. Membership to the Guild ensures continued professional development.

Prior to any treatment and in line with the veterinary act of 1962 /1966 you will need to obtain written veterinary consent prior to any physical treatment. However talking to me about your concerns costs nothing.

Download & Print -> Bristol K9 Dog Massage – Veterinary consent form

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