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What is Canine / Dog Massage

Therapeutic Canine massage or Dog massage therapy is a non invasive form of therapy that manipulates the soft tissue of the body, bringing muscle fibres into alignment that have been injured, strained or that are lacking in muscular tone. The benefits of massage is to improve gait mobility and flexibility, improve circulation, promote faster healing should your dog have an injury and it will rehabilitate soft tissue injuries and can assist with supporting orthopaedic conditions.

This is a 100% natural form of treatment remembering that the body is receptive to touch and as such it can be manipulated to ensure that affected areas get the right amount of oxygen to enhance the healing process.

Libby having a dog massage

What changes do people typically see with their dog after a Massage?

  • Reduced stiffness
  • Reduction in lameness
  • More enjoyment on walks
  • Improved movement
  • Significantly reduced pain levels
  • Got their ‘zest’ back for life,
  • Improved agility / performance
  • More fluid, effortless gait
  • A ‘younger’and less moody dog

Just like humans animals suffer from strains and injury and just like humans they can benefit from a hands on approach to the condition, dogs are especially resilient to pain and as a result the condition can be hard to spot. However a consultation can assist in diagnosis.

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