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What to Expect / Prices

The treatment usually includes three consultations however in some cases an issue can be resolved in one visit.

The first visit comprises of an in depth conversation with you as the owner or handler which produces a full verbal evaluation of the dogs environment including activities of daily living, diet inclusive of supplements, exercise regimes and general lifestyle concerns. Following on from the consultation a full Gait (Movement) and postural Analysis takes place.This usually lasts for half an hour. Finally it is essential to do a palpation which is the element of the consultation whereby a trained hand can feel and see issues that can elude the naked eye.

A palpation can bring to the fore issues such as texture changes in the skin, can show trigger points, muscle tone, muscle atrophy or hypertrophy and of course tenderness in certain areas. With an hour’s massage thereafter inclusive of a palpation.

Once the palpation has taken place then the actual massage is begun and is centred around the body as a whole with special attention directed to the areas of concern. It is not uncommon to find other underlying issues brought to light by working deeper into the muscle during the massage.

Massage techniques that are employed are sports, Swedish, deep tissue, and myofascial release and each massage will be individually tailored to your dogs specific needs.

Upon completion of treatment I send a full written report to your veterinarian.

*In the event that your dog is showing signs that only a vet should address, the dog will be referred back to the vet as it is just as important to know when you can assist a dog and when you can’t.

Treatment Prices

The price for this is £40.00* and lasts for approximate 90 minutes with subsequent treatments charged at £40.00* and lasting 60 minutes. (*from 01st Jan 2020)

  • If you have more than one dog to be massaged at the same time then a 10% discount is applied
  • Travel costs may be payable dependent on distance
  • Some pet insurance policies cover the costs but please do check with your Insurer.
  • Some conditions can be resolved in between 1 and 3 sessions however some conditions may require regular treatments.
  • Payment : can be either cash, cheque or bank transfer and will be required on day of treatment.