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Penny Warren

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About Me

Welcome to Bristol K9 – My name is Penny Warren and I’m the proud owner of Bristol K9 Massage.

I live in Frampton Cotterell on the outskirts of Bristol. I have six border collies myself who keep me very busy with day to day walking, feeding and training. I have three of them active on the dog agility circuit and the other three now retired. I am very dog orientated and absolutely love my dogs and all dogs in general.

I have been trained by Natalie Lenton at the Canine Massage Therapy Centre on the Therapeutic Canine Massage Diploma which is accredited by Ascentis. I am also a member of the canine massage guild and of course have the appropriate insurances in place to ensure peace of mind.

About Bristol Dog Massage

I became interested in canine massage when I was at an agility show and met Natalie Lenton the owner of the canine massage therapy centre. She palpated Bob the eldest of our dogs and found many issues, some that I knew had been there from previous injuries and others that he had been compensating for and showed no obvious signs.

I then researched canine massage and began to realise how massage can benefit dogs. I went on a massage workshop and that then confirmed for me that I was on the right path. Now that I have completed the Therapeutic Canine Massage Diploma I haven’t looked back.

It’s a fact that all dogs from the professional gun dog right through to the little lap dog can sustain injury and a good massage can help alleviate that injury be it from sports or from day to day issues that are affecting your dogs full enjoyment of life. This therapy can help young, old, those recovering from surgery, orthopaedic conditions including hip / elbow dysplasia and osteoarthritis as well as many more.

Dog Massage therapy  is a non invasive form of therapy that manipulates the soft tissue of the body, bringing muscle fibres into alignment that have been injured, strained or that are lacking in muscular tone. The benefits of massage is to improve gait mobility and flexibility, improve circulation, promote faster healing. Should your dog have an injury it will rehabilitate the soft tissue and can assist with supporting orthopaedic conditions.

When you have an injury you would visit a therapist or an osteopath and you would know what they are going to do, we do exactly the same just on your dog. If you have visited a therapist you will know how it benefited you, your dog will feel the same benefits. They are just like me and you!

I am based in Bristol and cover surrounding areas such as Bath, Clevedon, Nailsea, Portishead,  and Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset.

Contact me today to discuss your dogs needs.

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