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Penny Warren

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Bristol K9 - Dog Massage & Canine Therapy in Bristol & Somerset


Welcome, my name is Penny and I’m the proud owner of Bristol K9 Massage.

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Commonly asked questions by a dog owner who hasnt used Canine massage before...

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As a active person myself I was always under the impression 'I don't get regular massages, why should my dog', then along came Penny. I was extremely skeptical at first and with Morgan being an extremely sensitive dog, who dislikes being touched by others I was unsure how things were going to go. During our first massage it took a lot of patience and reassurance before Morgan would allow the treatment, although he quickly settled. Unfortunately he then became distressed and Penny made the sensible decision to cut the session slightly short. When the time came for our second massage Morgan happily jumped onto the table and was more calm during the process; he was not completely relaxed but appeared to be enjoying it. Down to Penny's hard work and determination by the third massage Morgan dragged me down the drive, leapt onto the table and lay straight down. He was completely at ease and thoroughly enjoyed his first full massage, I personally think he didn't want it to end. Not only have I seen a huge difference in Morgan's movement while training and competing in agility, simple day to day tasks appear easier. I am extremely grateful to Penny for everything she has done towards improving Morgan's confidence with others. - Helen & Morgan

Our Basset, Ezri, had been suffering with her back legs - showing a hopping motion as she walked. When Penny treated her the improvement in not only her walk, but her energy, was great after each massage. Ezri wouldn't allow Penny to stretch out her back legs initially as they were so uncomfortable, but with the combination of heat packs and Penny's massage sessions she was stretching really well by the end. Penny has a great manner with dogs and quickly put Ezri at ease. We're so happy we've found Penny for ongoing treatment, as with a long-backed/short-legged Basset we're sure to need her! - Caroline & Ezri

For sometime Jake had been knocking poles in his agility classes, giving me concern for his physical comfort.Penny assessed Jake, making both him and myself feel very comfortable about it. Penny clearly explained what she could feel and where. She talked me through each step of the treatment giving me confidence in her knowledge and ability to improve Jake's well being. I can now see and feel the difference in Jake. When working him, he feels so much smoother and more comfortable. His jumping action has improved so much. He certainly seems a more comfortable and happier little chap. The great results were more than I ever imagined.- Caroline & Jake

Although Libby wasn't too happy about being manhandled to begin with, she soon got used to the weekly visits from Penny and became putty in her hands pretty quickly! Over the space of about 6 weeks, Libby has shown a vast improvement in her mobility. Whereas she used to be extremely stiff and sore when getting up from the floor of after coming back from a walk, she is now a lot less inclined to limp and her general demeanour is far happier than before due to the fact, I can only imagine, she is in far less pain and is far more comfortable. After speaking to our vet, I would recommend the massage to anyone looking for something to at least relieve some of the discomfort dogs can feel with such ailments as Arthritis. It stimulates the blood flow and relaxes the muscles. Although there is no cure, we can do so much to help our beloved pets. Penny is fantastic with Libby and seems to know just exactly how to deal with her in order to make it as stress free a process as possible and to put her at ease. - Laura & Libby